A quién atendemos


Processing Companies

Our citrus fruits are grown under high standards and care, to obtain fruits of great flavor with the appropriate level of sweetness for juices and beverages with high nutritional value.

Our experience and know-how have led us to develop the best practices to attain the proper supply service for our international customers ensuring that they receive the perfect final product in excellent conditions for processing.

The different harvest seasons of our citrus fruits fit perfectly with the low seasons in the northern hemisphere. So by integrating us into the supply chain, we become the best partner for citrus processing companies in that part of the world, helping them guarantee the flow of their business.


Trading Companies

We select and classify our oranges, tangelos, and mandarins making sure that their size, color, and appearance have the best conditions to be displayed on the retailers’ shelves. Our main goal is that the consumer enjoys an outstanding fruit, ensuring our customer’s success.

The perfect appearance and flavor of our citrus fruits are ready to be placed at the points of sale as a result of an impeccable transportation method that we’ve developed along with our years of experience and deep knowledge of the citrus fruits we commercialize.